The Best Products To Use For Eco-Friendly Snow Removal

During the winter season in places like the United States of America, snow and ice are not expected to be exciting all especially when it gives so much work to do. Today, there are a lot of products when we talk about ice deicers, however, only a few of them can be considered as best because some are containing chemical substances that may damage the vegetation and even bring hazards to animals.  To avoid such cruelty, we can make a huge difference by using eco-friendly snow removal. Below are the effective ways you can use when dealing with ice and snow:

  • Choose eco-friendly snow removal products.

Since there are various products when it comes to ice removal, better to visit the page of the EPA’S Design for the Environmental list to double-check if the products you plan to use are truly eco-friendly. If you have chosen their list, the next step is to purchase them in the market. When having it in your hand, you need to read the instructions on its packaging because every deicer has a different way of usage and required temperature for storage. It is crucial to pay attention to suchrequirements to maintain its effectiveness and pace.

  • It is preferable to use snow blowers that are electric, battery, or hybrid-powered.

When it comes to snow blowers, the most eco-friendly kinds you can use are the battery, electric, and hybrid-powered ones because the gasoline-powered snow blowers are not safe and emit greenhouse gases adding a huge problem to the environment specifically into the atmosphere. These products may consume a lot of energy and power; however, they do not consume gas that damages our Mother Earth.

  • Back to basics – snow shovel, brooms, and snow crackers.

If you want to save and protect the environment, the best products that you can use are the old schools like the use of snow shovels, ice crackers, and brooms. These may take you time; however, these are completely safe for everyone – vegetation, pets, and animals. It will cost you a lot because these tools are not expensive at all and on the other hand, they will not damage your concrete, tile, and other things when you use it than using chemical ice remover that leaves residue making your property becomes messy after its application process and other may damage them.

How To Store Ice Melt Products

Buying some ice melt products is one of the common activities done by people before winter as they prepare themselves when snow and ice are not exciting at all. Frozen places and public areas do not excite everyone that is why almost all dare to buy ice melt products beforehand. As expected, ice melts products need proper storage since they are hygroscopic which means that they can easily melt when moisture coming from the air hits them and their effectiveness relies much on well-closed storage with the right temperature required. In this article, you will learn some tips on the proper storage of ice melt products. Here are as follows:

The Elimination of Moisture

As mentioned above, moisture is making the ice melt products melt, and to refrain from it, you need to avoid moisture by storing it in places wherein the temperature is controlled such as in a storage room, garage, shed, or a warehouse.  These products require an appropriate temperature to keep their chemical intact because any moisture, may harden these products causing them to become less effective and, in some cases, it may turn hard like a rock or concrete, impossible to use at all.

The Elimination from the Sun and Humidity

Sun and Humidity are two things that you should avoid when you are storing your ice melt products because the ultraviolet light coming from the sunlight may cause them to become brittle making them less effective. On the other hand, the humidity also leaves an instigate reaction to the ice melts leaving it to become less functional which is something that we will not like as a result. To avoid such factors, all you can do is to cover your storage with a double wrapper for them to have double protection away from becoming brittle and less effective as winter turns.

Ensure To Use an Optimal Ice Melt Storage

We all know that proper storage may highly affect the products that are the reason that you should remember before putting ice melts products anywhere in your house. It will be damaged and become less effective as you used it during your awaited season of winter. In doing so, you should not use a metal container as your storage because metal gas has a resistant coating making the chemical substance present in ice melt products named sodium chloride eats away the metal. This situation implies the use of glass containers to protect your ice melt products away from becoming hard and brittle.

Can Rock Salt Be Used On Public Streets In The Winter?

Many are wondering about the use of rock salt to melt the ice that’s always a hazard on public streets during the winter season.  In almost all states, winter causes hassles for drivers trying to navigate snowy and icy roadways, causing accidents and injuries throughout the season. Winter weather requires transportation agencies to continually put down a huge amount of rock salt to mitigate the danger of ice and snow and cause it to melt.

  • The Use Of Rock Salt

In all homes, salt is used to add flavor to dishes that we are cooking, and it’s even used to preserve foods. However, another amazing contribution of salt is to quickly help people stay away from the trouble of ice and snow in the street or other places we need to get rid of snow and ice. To answer such a question in your mind, keep on reading.

Indeed, the answer to your question is absolute, yes. The kind of salt on public roads and streets to melt ice and snow is commonly called rock salt. Its piece of grain is much coarser compared to an ordinary salt we used at home. It still has the same molecule present in it which is sodium chloride, however, compared to table salt, it is not purified, not ground, and has no anti-clumping properties. When you take time to observe the frozen street, the rock salts that are expected to be a large-crystalized rock are directed into the railroad taken by the equipped salt trucks.

  • Rock Salt as The Best Alternative

The use of rock salt is considered to be the best alternative during the freezing point depression because it can lower the freezing temperature of the water on the snow and ice making it melt and turn to water over again. On the other hand, the effectivity of rock salt becomes less when the temperature is below the freezing point. Also, the amount of rock salt matters a lot especially when ice and snows are thick, it requires a large amount of salt as well. The other factor that adds to its effectiveness is the pressure from the vehicles driving over the salted roads and streets. This implies that when the temperature decrease, more rock salts are needed to possible melt the targeted ice on the public areas as soon as possible.

Proper Use Of Liquid De-Icers

For generations, the best de-icer available was a non-chemical one: a snow shovel. However, today there are many chemical de-icers available, making the use of a shovel a poor second choice. The use of chemical de-icer surely eases the battle with ice and snow during winter. However, the incorrect usage of de-icers is one of the common mistakes that people make during snowy and icy winter months.

Here are the proper uses of liquid de-icers:

  • Understand and Comprehend the Directions of Use

There are a lot of brands and almost all of them are truly effective depending on the proper usage of the products, especially they have a unique way to be used and to be applied. According to Keep, the power of liquid de-icers when it comes to ice and snow melting is unbelievable once you already know how to understand them. However, the proper usage is somehow difficult when you missed understanding the instructions and directions of its usage.

  • Know The Its Requirement

The benefits of liquid de-icers are truly awesome and delightful; however, they can be rendered void if it is applied improperly to areas where ice and snow exist.  Many are aware that products like de-icers required unique room temperature and exact concentration to be most effective. This means that if you fail to put the products outside of their requirements, then you will not be able to get the best result you are expecting to experience. It ends up wasting your efforts and money.

  • Watch and Learn

If you are done reading the directions and instructions but still not able to comprehend them. It is best to watch videos and documentaries on how to use it properly. If you don’t want to waste anything, both your money and efforts- better to keep yourself educated by watching videos online and learning from them. It’s more effective for you if you get yourself involved in watching than just reading.

  • Put Everything into Actions

Liquid De-icers are expected to be easy and quick to use. In most markets, they are available in both trigger spray and aerosol. In applying it, you can directly apply it to the area and see if the ice and snow melts quickly. Similar to spraying perfumes to your clothes and body parts, just spray the liquid de-icers to the desired place you want. Wait for some minutes for the liquid to be absorbed then use wipers or brushes to wipe away all the excess.

Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt: Is It Better Than Rock Salt?

During winter, buildups of ice and snow are truly some of the major problems faced by residents and businesses in almost all cities and states. Obviously, the problem is greatest in public areas like streets where people drive 24 hours a day. Snow and ice make roads and streets slippery causing car accidents and accidents. This trouble needs action like the use of de-icers like magnesium chloride ice melt.  According to many, the application of this product is an effective way to deal with icy roads and walkways. When it mixes with water, it becomes brine causing the ice and snow to melt quicker compared to the use of rock salt. This reason is enough for users to prefer the usage of magnesium chloride ice melt compared to rock salts. If you still want to know some reasons, keep on reading.

  • Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Is Effective Even Low Temperatures

When it comes to snow and ice melting, the use of magnesium chloride is most effective even if the temperature is as low as -15 degrees, not the same with rock salt whose effectiveness won’t last long when the temperature decreases. In most situations, it is most effective to use it on icy stairs, walkways, and even driveways.

  • Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Is Less Corrosive

Magnesium Chloride has a natural substance that when applied to ice and snow, lowers the freezing point of water. Since its natural, it gives less corrosive destruction to stones, cement, and other vegetations compared to other liquid and ice melting products. When magnesium chloride is applied, the ice melts and as the substance mix with water, it will not harm anything since it is considered environmentally friendly even to vegetation and animals.

  • Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Leaves Less Residue

Magnesium Chloride is best applied for indoor and outdoor places because it leaves less residue compared to other ice melting products. When you apply other products like rocks alt, it will leave an unsightly mess on the space making it look unpleasant and untidy, but magnesium chloride leaves less residue.

  • Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Is More Effective Compared to Rock Salt

Both Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt and Rock Salts are having a common chemical, however, the Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt melts better compared to Rock Salts which is advisable to be used for public places that are in need of quick response.

Ice Removal Tips For Home Owners And Small Businesses

During the winter season, ice and snow are natural and it makes the celebration of the holiday extra special as children and adults enjoy skiing and skating. However, it is not always good for everyone, especially for homeowners and small businesses, because ice and snow make their day a tiring one. They need to clean up and make their place convenient and safe for their families and customers. Truly ice removal is not an easy job especially when the snow keeps on falling.  To those who are struggling to do ice removal, the following tips are right for you to follow. Here are as follows:

  • Do A Quick Warm-Up

Before picking up your shovel and attire for your cleaning day, make sure to have a quick warm-up to stretch your muscles making it ready for any soreness and possible injury. The use of shovels in ice removal is hard on our bodies even for manual workers because ice is heavy and hard and when you are not used to the heavy-duty job then as expected, this will be difficult for you that is why doing a quick workout for at least 10- 20 minutes is advised to do.

  • Dress Appropriately

Another important thing is the clothes that you wear. When you go out, it is expected that you will feel cold or even to the point of freezing that is why you need to wear layers of clothes to protect yourself and for you to work effectively. The layer of clothes you need to wear depends on how cold that weather is, which means that the colder the temperature, the thicker the layer will be. Lastly, do not forget to wear a comfortable pair of boots.

  • Appy Ice Removal like Salt or other Liquid De-icers

To make your job easily done, you can use and apply ice removal products because these products can prevent the snow and ice to build up. In most scenarios, ice melting products work effectively when applied before the snowfall.  Applying these will make your job less and more efficient.

  • Make Sure to Lift Properly

Do not rush yourself in doing this job, it will make your body feel harsh and more tiring. A proper position of your shovel will help you in preventing those unexpected accidents and strain. When you lift your shovel with ice or snow in it, make sure to properly form your body, keep the position of your head, up, and only use your leg muscle to lift the shovel. If it’s heavy, do not be harsh, the smaller scoop is way better than forcing yourself to lift big ones.

Is Salt Brine A Good Choice For Ice Control?

Winter is not always all about excitement and happiness, especially when ice is making the roads slippery; icy roads cause accidents and long commuting delays. There are many ways to get rid of the hazards of freezing rain, snow, and ice during the winter season. One of the recommended solutions that many people choose is the use of salt brine.  There are a lot of ice and snow removal products, however, only a few of them work effectively like salt brine. If you want to know about this kind of de-icer, keep on reading.

Salt Brine Is Well Distributed

Since salt brine is the mixture of salt and water in a container, if you are a new user of it, it will not be hard for you to do so some mixing processes at all especially when you know that the accuracy of the products affects its effectiveness which may frustrate and stress you. When you apply sat brine into the ice and snow, you can expect a more even and well-distributed mixture making a higher chance of ice dissolved and removed in the desired area or places you want.

Salt Brine Sticks On Places You applied Them

One of the amazing features of this product is the sticking factor it has when applied to areas and places. This is not the same when you put on rock salts where wind can blow them away because brine is a liquid one, so when you apply it, it will stay there until the frozen area turns back that even wind factor cannot affect the effectivity at all.

Salt Brine Can Be Applied Easily

If you want to experience a more relaxing way to remove and melt the snow and ice at home, then the use of salt brine is the best and right for you. Though, there is a lot of ice remover in the market today yet only salt brine is the easiest to apply among all. You just need to fill your tank up and you are ready to go, no need to carry heavy bags of rock salts which may consume your time and a lot of energy in doing so. When you are done filling up the tank, all you need to do next is to spray it on the places and areas you wish to turn back into.